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Graphene LED bulb sales commence

We are excited to announce that the sales of our flagship product, the Graphene LED light bulb have commenced.

Graphene Lighting for indoor or outdoor

The Graphene Light Bulb, powered by Nobel Prize winning cooling technology, is just the first of a line of hundreds of lighting products, spanning several categories of indoor, outdoor and street lighting products.

Our street lights are a class of their own. With a lightweight honeycomb frame and modular lenses, they allow lighting of small gardens to highways, ranging from 3000 lumens to an astonishing 24,000 lumens. In fact, we are pleased that our STQA series of embedded driver street lights have been recently registered with Elexon and have received charge code, information which can be found at their website.

Why does graphene matter

Graphene disrupts the traditional LED market which is dominated by materials having poor thermal conductivity. By utilizing graphene’s superior ability to extract heat, LEDs can shine brighter for longer. The unique combination of flexibility and mechanical strength also allows broad design parameter space which is the cornerstone of Graphene Lighting’s patented curved filament design.


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