Case show of LED SUN series

LED SUN in accordance with biorhythm, healthful lighting will turn on a better life. When in 5000 Kelvin, it will wake up work vitality. When in 3500 Kelvin, it will light up romantic life. When in 2700 Kelvin, it will be warmly around you. LED SUN imitating sun spectrum 95 color rendering index, high indicator, low [...]

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Welcome to visit our shop in alibaba.com

Dear friends, welcome to visit our shop in alibaba.com, the link is as below: https://graphenelighting.en.alibaba.com/company_profile.html?spm=a2700.supplier-qrw.35.3.19f8d3eeUO20ZG#top-nav-bar We provide high quality products with best price there, thanks for your support!

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Graphene Lighting has won the Best Technology Award of Alighting 2020

Dear friends, today we are glad to share another good news with you. Our A60 color temperature dimming project has won 2020 Alighting Best Technology Award, there are only 2 winners  among more than 2000 candidates in the light source category. According to statistics, the total number of application for Alighting Award in 2019 totaled 1,583 among [...]

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New ledsun series multi-functional for grow plants and health care 

New developed led sun series have multi function in grow plant market and health care direction. For the usage of grow light, it has the advantages as following: Led sun is more energy efficient and the light efficiency could reach to 112 lm/w. Also it's Moisture-proof and Anti-vulcanization for the light source sealed in the bulb so it's more resistance to [...]

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Graphene Lighting launches new plant and receives orders

Highlights: Graphene Lighting new manufacturing centre established in Shenzen, China In talks with a 20-year old company for OEM production Company’s intellectual property portfolio exceeds 30 patents Attended the Hong Kong Lighting Fair Secured orders from Germany, China, Thailand, and others. The company’s previous plans of merging with a manufacturer (JTX or Prosperous Optoelectronics) ended [...]

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Exhibiting to the President of China!

So we’ve had an exciting week here at Graphene Lighting. The University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute was treated to a visit by the Chinese premier, president Xi Jinping. We were lucky to be granted 1 of 4 exhibition stands that the Chinese leader browsed after a speech by Dame Nancy Rothwell, vice-president of the [...]

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