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Featured in China Daily

We were really glad to see Graphene Lighting highlighted in an article about Chinese investment into Graphene and China’s relationship with the UK graphene community.

They announced our intention to bring the products to market in the UK through our collaboration with manufacturers in china.

It’s a somewhat uncertain time for investors but a key point made in the article is that the UK has benefited from the increased interest by Chinese companies as a result of the State visit by President Xi Jinping last October. In particular, Huawei and the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials have now both signed deals with the National Graphene Institute to perform research into different areas using graphene.

From our point of view, this strengthening of ties can only be a good thing. If we can start seeing really growth in sales in the UK and European markets we’re really keen at looking at bringing some of the manufacture and assembly of some of the Graphene Lighting products to Manchester.

We’ve had a very productive few months and will be making announcements soon!

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